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Gossip Girl On The Runway
7.25.2011 1:19 AM

Gossip Girl is easily my favorite series on television. The fashion is completely my personal style. I would dress like this every day at school if I had the money and even sometimes, the guts! As I have been looking through runway shows from the past to present, this Gossip Girl style has shows itself many times. Mulberry is likely the most similar to Gossip Girl, very preppy! Let me know what you think!

Marc Jacobs 2011 Resort

J Crew Fall 2010 RTW

J Crew Fall 2010 RTW
Chanel 2009 Couture
J Crew Fall 2010 RTW
J Crew Fall 2011 RTW 
Mulberry Resort 2011
Mulberry Spring 2010 RTW

Kourtney Kardashian
6.20.2011 3:39 PM

I know, I know. The large majority of society pokes fun at the Kardashians, but that does not change the fact that I love their style. In particular, Kourtney's. Besides the fact that she is gorgeous, her taste in fashion is beautiful and I obsess over her outfits when I have time to watch their reality show. Do you guys like her style? Hate it? I want to hear opinions!
ˆˆLove this. Reminds me of Gossip Girl, but somewhat higher end.ˆˆ

ˆˆThis is one of my favorites! Those are my dream shoes.ˆˆ

6.19.2011 2:32 PM

The hours that I have spent on The Sartorialist cannot even begin to be put into numbers. I absolutely worship Scott Schuman and his work, I bought his book perhaps a year ago. Doubtlessly, I have flipped through that book numerous times; adorned with neon sticky notes of my favorite photographs. Although, these particular ones are from his blog, let me know your opinions!